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Just 20 miles south of I-80 and 8 miles north of the

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Welcome to the Saratoga Museum!

Workmen are shown moving the Saratoga depot from along the railroad tracks near the sawmill at the east end of Bridge Street to its present location east across Highway 130 from the airport in May of 1979. Funds for the move were received from hundreds of contributors. The structure now houses the Saratoga Museum and its extensive collection.—Photo courtesy of Dick Perue from the Bob Martin/Dick Perue collection at the Saratoga Museum

Saving the Saratoga Museum


Establishing a local museum to preserve our rich history and heritage is hard, but not nearly as tough as maintaining one.


A bold statement, yet I feel I can back it up having help found and then maintain both the Saratoga and Grand Encampment Museums since the 1960s.


Both museums have been recipients of hundreds of photos, manuscripts, historical items, newspapers, printing presses, pamphlets, programs, treks and funds from the Bob Martin/Dick Perue collection. And yes, both have equally preserved and shared these donations.


At present the Saratoga Museum is fighting for its existence and needs everyone’s help to continue. The Saratoga Historical & Cultural Association board of directors initiated a successful signature drive to further fund the Museum through a one mill levy in the Saratoga/Ryan Park Museum District only.


Having obtained the necessary signatures to establish the district supporters are now awaiting a public hearing and the blessing of the Carbon County Commissioners to place it on the ballot in November.


I was asked to help with the signature drive and frankly was pleasantly surprised that the necessary signatures could be obtained in such a short time and with little opposition from those being taxed.


Congratulations to the SH&CA board and volunteers for their tireless work. Fifty years ago establishing a special tax district was a slam dunk. Now, as other proposals for a county or area museum district have discovered, tax districts are a hard sell.


Despite recent reports, passage of this measure will NOT prevent other county museums from forming districts.


Please, please, I beg all of you to throw your support behind this proposal by immediately writing to the Carbon County Clerk, Box 6, Rawlins, WY 82301, e-mailing gwynnbartlett@carbonwy.com or attending the hearing before the County Commissioners at 11:15 a.m. June 16 in the courthouse in Rawlins.


And when it is on the ballot, support it! Your Saratoga Museum is worth visiting and saving!


Between now and election time I plan to present articles and photos of local history archived in our Saratoga Museum.


Dick Perue

A founder & supporter of

Saratoga Museum

Box 447, Saratoga, WY 82331

Ph. 307 710-8240


Plan Your Visit


Located in Saratoga, Wyoming, the Saratoga Museum houses an impressive collection of over 10,000 artifacts and rotating exhibits.


Open year round, the Museum houses the most diverse geological collection in the state of Wyoming with minerals and gems ranging from India to Antarctica. When you visit, you’ll learn about the creation of Saratoga and Wyoming from it's early geology through the pioneer settlers to modern times. The Museum is open Memorial Day - September, Tuesday through Saturday 10am-4pm and on Sunday’s 10am to 2pm. Off-season hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 10am to 2pm and by appointment for research.

Current Exhibits


Housed in Saratoga’s original 1915 Saratoga - Encampment Railroad Depot, the Saratoga Museum's exhibits feature the area's Geological formation and prehistoric past, the determination of the pioneers who settled in the North Platte Valley, helped bring the arrival of Union Pacific Railroad, commerce and industry to the area.


The museum grounds also feature an original one-room cabin built by the Waint family who are valley pioneers. The cabin houses a blacksmith collection.  The grounds are home to an original emergency and noon whistle and a sheep wagon which was donated by the Savage family.   Included on the ground is a pavilion for weddings, reunions and special events.  A Union Pacific  caboose which can be used for back ground pictures.

Upcoming Events



3PM - 6PM

"Turnip the Beet" Farmer's Market & Craft Fair

at the Saratoga Museum


Stop by the Farmer's Market and Craft Fair at the Saratoga Museum for fresh produce and Wyoming crafts.



AUGUST 14, 2020 • 6PM

Gema Pearl Concert:

"Gema Sings the Blues"

General Admission @ 6:30PM - $25 per ticket; 12 and under free

at Veterans Island


This summer, kick up the magic in music with six-time Grammy nominated vocalist Gema Pearl! Gema Pearl belts out fresh sounds of outlaw country, Texas blues classic rock and new country woven with the finesse of symphonic charm.



About the Museum


The Saratoga Historical and Cultural Association (SHCA) seeks to deepen understanding of the historic, prehistoric, geological, and cultural past of the town of Saratoga and its relevant place in North Platte Valley; strengthen the bond of the local community; and provide an educational stimulating and positive experience for museum visitors.




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Saratoga Museum and

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